Datomic Pull :as

05 November 2017

Datomic's Pull API provides a declarative way to make hierarchical and nested selections of information about entities.  The 0.9.5656 release enhances the Pull API with a new :as clause that provides control over the returned keys.

As an example, imagine that you want information about Led Zeppelin's tracks from the mbrainz dataset. The following pull pattern navigates to the artist's tracks, using limit to return a single track:

;; pull expression
'[[:track/_artists :limit 1]]

=> #:track{:_artists
[#:db{:id 17592188757937}]}

The entity id 17592188757937 is not terribly interesting, so you can use a nested pull pattern to request the track name instead:

;; pull pattern
'[{[:track/_artists :limit 1] [:track/name]}]

=> #:track{:_artists [#:track{:name "Black Dog"}]}

That is better, but what if you want different key names? This can happen for reasons including:

The :as option lets you rename result keys to arbitrary values that you provide, and works at any level of nesting in a pull pattern. The pattern below uses :as twice to rename the two keys in the result:

;; pull expression
'[{[:track/_artists :limit 1 :as "Tracks"]
[[:track/name :as "Name"]]}]

=> {"Tracks" [{"Name" "Black Dog"}]}

To try it out you can grab the latest release, review the Pull grammar, and work through these examples at the REPL.