Datomic Free Edition

24 June 2012

We're happy to announce today the release of Datomic Free Edition. This edition is oriented around making Datomic easier to get, and use, for open source and smaller production deployments.

Of particular note here is that Datomic Free Edition comes with a redistributable license, and does not require a personal/business-specific license from us. That means you can download Datomic Free, build e.g. an open source application with it, and ship/include Datomic Free binaries with your software. You can also put the Datomic Free bits into public repositories and package managers (as long as you retain the licenses and copyright notices).

There is a ton of capability included in the Free Edition, including the Datomic in-process memory database (great for testing), and the Datomic datalog engine, which works on both Datomic databases and in-memory collections. That's right, free datalog for everyone.

You can use Datomic Free Edition in production, and you can use it in commercial applications.

Datomic Free edition is completely API-compatible with what we are now calling Datomic Pro edition (the one that pays the bills). Datomic Pro adds the ability to use additional storages like SQL and DynamoDB, support for more peers, as well as high-availabilty mode for transactors and our new memcache support.

You can read about the editions here. 

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