Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Datomic Editions and Pricing

Over the past few months we've gotten feedback and input regarding our pricing and licensing, and we've revamped them to make things simpler and clearer. The subscription pricing made people feel as if the offering was a service (it's not), as well as brought about misgivings about termination etc, so we've dropped it. 

Here's the new offering:

  • We've added Datomic Free Edition - it's free and redistributable
  • Datomic Pro is licensed software.
  • It is offered with a perpetual license.
  • Maintenance (updates and support) for the first 12 months is included.
  • Maintenance in subsequent years is ~50% of the license fee.
  • Pricing is yearly, and up front on web site.
  • Pricing is based upon the number of processes (transactors + peers) using the software in production in your organization.
  • Development and testing usage doesn't count against your license limits

We've priced it such that the expenditure for maintenance roughly correlates to our older subscription pricing.

Evaluation has changed a bit as well. In all modes, Datomic Pro will require a license key. You can get a free 30-day eval key via the web site. There is no longer a 'runs for a week without a key' mode.

Note that Datomic is not just for cloud deployments - our SQL and other storage support lets you run it on-premise or in the cloud.

You can get more information on the editions and pricing here.